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About $Ronald

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Ronald McDonald (RONALD)! Influenced by a character deeply ingrained in our collective memory, RONALD stands out as a unique cryptocurrency, limited to 100,000 tokens and anchored on the Arbitrum blockchain for swift and low-cost transactions. We are on a mission to cultivate a lively and thriving community devoted to RONALD. Dive in and contribute to the creation of an extraordinary cryptocurrency that fosters joy and connection among people worldwide. Say hello to Ronald!

Your questions, answered!

$Ronald, a token developed on blockchain technology, is influenced by the iconic Ronald McDonald character. This cryptocurrency stands as a symbol of companionship, exploration, and liberation.

The Ronald token is available for purchase on the SushiSwap platform, functioning seamlessly within the Arbitrum blockchain ecosystem.

The smart contract address for $Ronald is


Utilize this address to engage with the Ronald token on the Arbitrum blockchain. To protect yourself, always verify that you're using the authentic contract address, steering clear of potential scams.